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Galerie D'(A)

«The gallery D’(A) likes to bring us artistic approaches from elsewhere.
Its partition into four spaces is particularly suited to the work of June Papineau (1958). For her first solo show  in Lausanne, she invites us on an animal-vegetal excursion to the sound of birds in the background. Her fascination with nature translates into a wide variety of techniques. Without a doubt the most mesmerizing piece is the monumental "Sequoia Skin" at the entrance, 3.50 m in diameter, a must to visit on the inside. Paintings, installations, photography and video in rhythm to the cuckoo's cry complete this fascinating, revitalizing work.
Experience it preferably in trance and in silence.»

- Laurent Delaloye, '24 Heures', May 6, 2011

sequoia skin