Vital Signs

"Vital Signs"

An ode to the alder-upland rice rotation system.

Grains of Thai rice run in single file through tubes for intravenous feeding, interspersed with red-waxed alder leaves, strobiles and catkins ascending and descending like so many drops of blood. In the outer circle (4 meters in diameter, 5 meters high) the rice grains work their way up from stems of bright green (wavelength shifting fiber), as strobiles and catkins come down from above. In the inner circle, from a sieve 3 meters up, the grains flow into a cascade of alder leaves, which are uncannily close to blood-flesh in color and texture.

An ode to circular systems, this installation was inspired by a traditional form of agriculture or agro-silviculture, known as the alder-upland rotation system, which rejuvenates the soil and conserves the water: One is invited to pass through the first, outer circle to the next, and on to the center if you would, lightly brushing by the falling strands, to stand under the rice sieve.
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Vital Signs