Installation at the HUG storage site of radioactive sources for radiotherapy from 1913 to 1964, rue Alcide-Jentzer, Geneva
from March 15 to June 14, 2011
"The symbolic aspect of the installation is intrinsic to the history of this former storage shed for radioactive sources used in radiotherapy, a technique employed at the Maternity since 1913. The particularity of this structure lies most of all in its 12 iron pipes embedded in the ground, which sheltered the sources until 1964.

In making use of materials that stem from medicine and research, as well as imprints taken from beaver stricken trees, to create an ambiance that echoes the awakening of spring, June Papineau has sought to capture and transmit metaphorically the drama of those stricken by cancer and treated by radiotherapy.  A drama double-sided ; on one hand a mutilated body, isolation and despair, on the other a strong surge of hope in survival raised by the new treatment of the time..."

- Dr Pierre Schaefer,
director of "Le Futur antérieur"