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Alderskin from the Treeskin series

Clay slip, methlycellulose, white glue, wood pulp, propylene glycol, binding gauze, (Jura) salt.

Treeskins capture the surface features of the bark of Alders and other trees - their furrows and lenticels, as well as the moss and lichens.  After several days of elaboration and drying time, the resulting "skin" is removed from the trunk and taken to the studio where salt is applied as an ultimate layer. Once partly turned inside/out to regain the positive form of the trunk, partly left in negative (mostly the knobs and furrows), a certain ambiguity ensues, accentuated further by it finally seeming more akin to skin than to bark, leaving behind its botanical lineage to enter into ours.

Above left : Installation view (partial) in Andata Ritorno, Geneva, September 2008.
Above right: Work-in-progress on an alder tree in the Etournel Wetlands, Pougny, France, May 2008.

H 220cm W 45 cm